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Local luxury gets new feel from future fashion icon Thebe Magugu

Local luxury gets new feel from future fashion icon Thebe Magugu

Impeccably tailored, nostalgic and colourful – the designs of Thebe Magugu have a finger firm on SA’s pulse. Constantly beating new paths with his heartfelt collections threaded from his family’s past, his work is like a palm reading that sketches out life in SA.

Letting go of toxic relationships

Relationships are an important part of the human experience. More often than not, life is better when shared. However, relationships can get toxic sometimes and this may affect the emotional, mental and physical well-being of those involved.

Budding chefs to cook up as storm in new TV show

Eight trainee chefs across Africa will cook up a storm in a new television show for an once-in-a-lifetime chance to intern at celebrity chef Siba Mtongana’s fine-dining restaurant.

Kotlolo's cooking only part of treats on lifestyle show

Feathers Awards founder and LGBTIQ+ activist Thami Kotlolo has created his own lifestyle TV show that will be aired on the newly established Viva Nation TV channel.

LVMH to buy 60% stake in Virgil Abloh's Off-White fashion label

French luxury group LVMH said on Tuesday it had agreed to buy a 60% stake in Off-White LLC, the trademark owner of designer Virgil Abloh's Off-White streetwear label.

Foodie thrills fans with exotic dishes, rural bliss

Mbola is slowly showing those watching through her YouTube channel the idyllic and peaceful life that comes with village living.

Five easy ways to reduce anxiety

Anxiety can leave one feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with day-to-day life. Finding ways to ease anxiety bears several benefits such as improved sleep and renewed strength.

Sleep best tonic to fighting anxiety

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), anxiety disorder is characterised by the overwhelming fear and worry or the extreme feeling of nervousness and unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

New Ford fragrance will give EV drivers a smell of their petrol past

Like it or not the the switch from liquified dinosaur bones to joules is simply inevitable. What will we miss the most when this finally happens? According to Ford, one in five drivers said the smell of petrol is what they’d pine for most when making the move to electric.

Lelo Boyana – 5 minutes with a jetsetter

Lelo Boyana is the founder of Chica Travel, a platform she uses to share her love for travel and to motivate others to start creating their own travel experiences by sharing insights and tools you can use to plan trips around the world.

Buns Out closes Rosebank branch due to ongoing level 4 restrictions

The burger joint's Norwood and Linden spots remain open.

Baking made easy via new, fun methods

If you're a fan of baked goods but not so much the science of measuring ingredients you're in luck.

Churches rocked by rape claims

Several church leaders have been accused of abuse and some were investigated by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission). Here are a few cases probed by the commission recently.

Finding a new path after abusive spiritual leaders

Spirituality and faith play an important role in the lives of many South Africans.

Abuse in religious spaces still a problem

Section 15 of the constitution stipulates that everyone has the right to freedom of religion, expression, conscience and opinion.

'We have to fight so our name is recognised': French champagne maker

French champagne producer Michel Drappier loves Russian customers: he sells them thousands of bottles every year, the national airline serves his brand in business class, and it was on the menu when Vladimir Putin visited France.

African luxury fashion makes huge strides

Gone are the days of homegrown fashion limited to the timeless tribal print and streetwear, but the global market has shown an appetite for Africa’s fast-growing luxury goods economy.

SA TikTok creators score big with grants to aid their efforts

Being a TikTok creator is more than just aiming a cellphone camera at yourself.

Maldives is a foodie's paradise

The Muslim country might be small, but one thing that isn’t small is the variety of food on offer when choosing to stay at one of the many resorts there.

Moet Hennessy to add 'sparkling wine' label to champagne for Russia

The French champagne maker Moet Hennessy said on Sunday it would begin adding the designation "sparkling wine" to the back of bottles destined for Russia to comply with a new law, having had to suspend deliveries to make the change.

Bit of exercise necessary to improve quality of life

Physical health is one piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole picture of your overall wellbeing. Try these simple exercises to lift your mood and improve your quality of life.

An active regimen heals both body and soul

Regular physical exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind.

Amadumbe just as versatile as potato and cabbage

Which vegetable is the most versatile? This is a debate social media users engaged on recently.

Ex Miss SAs join pageant judging panel to select top 30 semi-finalists

Newly engaged Liesl Laurie will return to judge and shortlist this year’s Miss SA top 30 semifinalists.

Exposure to too much bad news can affect your health

In 2019 and last year the average daily social media user would spend 145 minutes on their devices, which comes to around two hours and 24 minutes every day. Add to this the disruption of the pandemic, which has increased our need to be up to date with the latest statistics, and media reporting has gone into  hyper-drive.

Beyond Father’s Day: Honouring father figures who step up

SPONSORED | Enter Metropolitan’s competition to win a celebration to honour the father figure who shaped your life

Paul Walker's 'Fast and Furious' Toyota Supra auctioned for R8m

Remember the Mk4 Toyota Supra that appeared in the first two "Fast and Furious" movies? Of course you do. Piloted by the late Paul Walker, this Japanese sportster became the stuff of cinema legend: a celluloid icon to rival the likes of Nicolas Cage's Shelby GT-500 (aka Eleanor) that thrilled audiences in the 2000 remake of "Gone in 60 Seconds".

Can we be friends? Why sex isn't everything in a post-Covid-19 world

Amorous entanglements aren't uppermost in the minds of many people emerging from long periods of pandemic isolation.

Introducing the Hisense E50 range and the Be The Change campaign

SPONSORED | Hisense Mobile’s next moves
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